By:  Judy Moore

By: Judy Moore

Judy Moore is the Associate Pastor at Riverside Church.

Created On: 10 January 2021

Back To The Future – Part 2

Teaching Series Introduction:

At the start of a new year, what is in store? Using the text from the book of Isaiah in the Bible (Chapter 43, verses 18 to 19) as our ‘text for the year’, we will be able to transition from 2020 with confidence and expectation? 2020 has been a year like no other, and in the complexity maybe God is doing something wonderful. As we reflect on the journey we’ve been on, and the journey ahead, we will be able to step forward with faith and excitement?

Part 2

Title: Back To The Future – Part 2
By: Judy Moore
Date: 10 January 2021
Bible Passages: Isaiah (Chapter 43, verses 18-19) & 2 Corinthians (Chapter 5, verses 16-21)

Building on the opening week, the passage from 2 Corinthians 5 is reminder about what it means to be a new creation. The old patterns of life are gone, because of the gospel. And so, the heart of living the new story is holding onto and holding out that good news.

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Study Questions

  1. On Sunday, Judy talked about the ‘tension’ at the moment – we know a vaccine is out there and available, and yet it is also hugely challenging still. How are you doing at the moment? How are you coping with that tension?

  2. Read Isaiah 43:18-19 and 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. What is the ‘new’ thing that is being spoken of? What, according to Paul, leads to this ‘new’ thing?

  3. In her message, Judy used the illustration of bulbs and how ‘Spring will come’ even though we don’t always see it immediately. How does this encourage you when you think about the ‘new’ things that are promised in these passages?

  4. If – as these passages say – it is God who achieves this new creation, how does this help us to cope when we feel as though it is ‘winter’, and ‘spring’ feels a long way away?

  5. The centre of the Bible is that Jesus has made a way for us to be ‘reconciled’ to God. And so we are therefore free – good news! What is our response to be, according to v20-21? What does that means at the moment?

  6. What impact does v21 have on how you see yourself and those around you?

  7. Take some time to pray in light of the truth about being a new creation, and the opportunity we therefore have to hold out that hope to others. 
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